Innovation, Disruption, Transformation

Theme: Decoding the Speeding Trends & The Future of D2C Industry

  • The Role of Ecommerce in the D2C world
  • Celebrity Engagement in the D2C Arena
  • Funding of D2Cs, what do investors want
  • Creating and Scaling up the supply chain of D2C Brands
  • How a great post-purchase experience can help in building a profitable D2C business
  • How brands are creating experiences and expanding their distribution through physical channels
  • How engagement is driven for a D2C brand
  • Will consumers change their mindset and consumption patterns when it comes to D2C brands?

Theme: Omni First India: Future of Retail in the Age of Metaverse

  • How are elements like AR,VR and metaverse revamping the retail industry?
  • How technology is blending Online & Offline Businesses?
  • Growing role of Digitization in the D2C industry
  • D2C in the era of Omnichannel businesses
  • The dynamics of quick commerce
  • How is D2C as a segment growing at such a rapid pace?
  • What are the retention strategies for the D2C brands?
  • Challenges in payments, fulfilment, last mile or deliveries

CMO Dialogues: Keeping the Customer First - Reengineering the Digital Organization to Better Serve Your Customers

  • Putting the customer at the centre of business planning and evangelizing this message across your organization
  • Outlining the value proposition of your offering focused on solving customer needs and providing solutions
  • Employing agile marketing across the enterprise to be more responsive to customer needs
  • Bold, courageous and authentic storytelling to drive positive brand sentiment aligning around a single brand message and strategy
  • Synchronizing people, process and technology for a successful and consistent omni-channel customer experience
  • Knowing the touchpoints necessary to focus on the customer at different parts of the journey, including social media, search and compelling landing pages to increase conversions
  • Developing the people you lead: Focus on the team and how to enable them to up-skill and re-skill in this new world of work

Theme: Building D2C Brands of the Future

  • How to grow fast & grow big in a D2C Business?
  • Brand Vision - How to stay true to it and integrate it throughout your products and teams
  • How to plan and execute an ideal customer journey
  • D2C Trends, innovative concepts, alternative commerce and new business models
  • Customer Insights, data and the customer journey for D2C brands
  • What distinguishes a high-performing brand from the rest?
  • Decoding the secret sauce to growth: Solve Customer Conversion And Retention Puzzle
  • What makes customers loyal to a brand?

Theme: What Does it Take to Build a Profitable D2C Business: Growth, Customer Satisfaction and User Retention Strategies in the D2C World

Theme: Future is Now – How Leaders are Rebuilding a Better Retail Today for a Strong and Sustainable Future

This session is reserved for retails’ top thought leaders to set the scene for D2C Leadership Conclave fireside chat which will focus on the roadmap to build a better retail for today and the future. Retail leaders will share their ambitious plans for sustainable growth with new innovations and human connection for new age consumer.

Theme: Creating Brands for the Next Decade of Consumption - The Evolving D2C Industry going Phygital and What the Future Holds for these Brands